2019 Summer Wedding Trends

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Published on April 9th, 2019

Wedding season is finally around the corner! Spring and summer are extremely popular times to tie the knot, and as providers as some of the best outdoor weddings in Bridgeview, we couldn’t be more excited. Keep an eye out for the following trends, especially if you are in the process of planning your own wedding!

Coral Colors

If you’ve always dreamed of your wedding being a bright, inviting color, you’ll love this 2019 trend. Many couples are opting for a color scheme of pinky-orange coral color. This is a tone that your guests will automatically associate with cheer and happiness. From bridesmaids dresses to flowers, don’t be afraid to incorporate coral into your summer wedding.

Classic & Timeless Dresses

Wedding dresses are returning to a simplistic style in 2019. It can be tempting for brides to choose extravagant wedding dresses with lots of extensive detail. Think Meghan Markle’s simple ceremony gown and reception dress. Choosing a classic, simple design will always be in style!

Set the Mood with a Scent

An easy and inexpensive way to set the mood for your wedding is by picking a scent. You and your spouse can even create a scent unique to your special day!

What wedding trends are you looking forward to experiencing this summer? Contact our team at Carriage Greens to plan one of the best outdoor weddings in Bridgeview!

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