How To Become A Better Golfer By Watching The Pros

How To Become A Better Golfer By Watching The Pros

Have you ever spent the night before teeing off wondering what you could do to advance your golfing skills? The answer may be as simple as turning on the television!

The average golfer can drastically improve their golf game by watching the golf swing of a professional. Like most sports, a practice session is one great way to improve. If you really want to improve how you play golf, then you also need to study a good golf swing, stance, and tempo.

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How To Become A Better Golfer

Next time you spend your weekend tuned into the latest PGA tour, pay close attention to what you see your favorite golfers doing. You can learn a lot by studying the masters of the game including

  • Fine Tuning Your Pre-Shot Routine
  • Creating The Right Rhythm & Tempo
  • Making Proper Adjustments To Your Reactions To Bad Shots
  • Improving Your Balance & Alignment
  • Managing The Course

Learn To Master The Three Clubs

One thing all professional golfers have in common is that they have each learned to master “The Three Clubs”: the driver, the wedge, and the putter. Watch how each player swings their club, paying attention to their stance, grip, and the positions of their head as they swing the club. With some practice time and studying you can also learn how to expertly wield each club just like the pros.

The Driver: Pro golfers use their driver to hit the ball freely, and aggressively, yet always in control. They don’t tend to guide the ball down the fairway, even in tight situations.

The Wedges: The masters use their wedges without a hint of apprehension, even when faced with difficult shots. You won’t see any signs of nervousness. They simply take the shot.

The Putter: This is where the experts show their precision and confidence. Keep an eye on the tempo of each player’s putting stroke. Practicing these movements can help you with your own game.

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