Golf Etiquette for Beginners

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Golf Etiquette for Beginners

Published on July 8th, 2018

If you didn’t grow up playing golf, the etiquette rules may be foreign to you. The reality is, from setting up a golf tee time in Chicago to the second you sink your last putt, there are certain rules that golfers follow to ensure they are respectful of other golfers. To get you started, here are some overarching rules that you should follow the next time you’re hitting the links.

Before the Round Starts

Make sure you arrive at Carriage Greens early enough that you can warm up without interfering with other people’s golf tee times in Chicago. It is a good idea to begin with short irons, then mid-irons, long-irons and then woods. Don’t exert yourself too much during the warm-up; you want to save your best swing for the actual round! Upon the first hole, make sure to check the scorecard for any local rules and mark your ball if other players have the same one as you.

Keep the Pace

It’s important that your group keeps up with the pace of the course. Make sure to walk at a good speed between shots. It is a good idea to also plan the approach of your next shot while you are walking to your ball. If you aren’t ready to hit your next shot, allow one of your other team members to take your turn.

Rules for the Green

Mark your ball on the green if it is in the way of another person’s ball, and never step on someone else’s putting lines. The player closest to the hole usually takes care of the flagstick, and they can lay it on the ground off the green to avoid damaging it.

A great round of golf starts with establishing a golf tee time in Chicago! Call Carriage Greens to set up your next round!

Source: PGA

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