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Kids and Golf: The Family Friendly Sport – Part One

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Published on August 31st, 2021

There are many benefits that come with getting your kids involved in sports. It gives them the opportunity to socialize, make new friends, be active, and grow emotionally. While there are plenty of sports for kids to learn and enjoy by themselves, golf offers families the rare opportunity to play together.

The game of golf is also great for spending extended amounts of quality time outdoors together. It’s easy for kids to become sidetracked however, which creates the possibility for parents to lose their patience or minds.

Research has shown that most kids face burnout or drop out of a sport around the age of thirteen. Just a couple of factors that lead to this type of burnout include multitasking too many activities at once or if one sport becomes too competitive. On the other hand, golf has a unique element that allows people of all ages to participate in the same sport and with a more relaxed environment.

Playing golf together as a family means making timeless memories and getting to enjoy each other’s company. Parents might be tempted to bring a more competitive nature to the sport, especially if their child plays well, but this idea shouldn’t be forced.

Instead, parents should allow their child to simply enjoy the sport on their own and then gauge the possibility of enrolling in a tournament later on. Overall, it’s better to let the child decide whether or not they want to play competitively as they grow up.

To make the game even more enjoyable, here are a few more recommendations for you to consider as your family prepares to hit the green:

Tee Up At Low-Attendance Times

The majority of experienced golfers show up to the course during the early morning hours on the weekends. Instead of stressing over making other parties wait while your family plays a hole, choose a time when you know the course will be less crowded. Starting to play in the evening hours gives you and your kids ample time to play each hole without the added pressure of other golfers waiting for you to move on.

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Additionally, this allows you to teach unspoken rules within the game of golf, such as patience, quiet, and respect for others while waiting for them to finish up a hole.

Trust Us – Renting The Golf Cart Is A Wise Choice

Walking the entirety of the golf course is great exercise. On the other hand, this will also cause your kids to tire out faster and not be able to focus as much on the game. Not only will the golf cart make it easier to travel from hole-to-hole, but it’ll also feel like an amusement ride for the kids. You’ll be able to have a better time focusing on the game rather than encountering kids who are tired of towing their own clubs around the course.

Invest In Quality Golf Clubs For Your Kids

Before you go into storage to dig out a set of clubs from when you started playing golf, we want you to take a minute to think about what would work best for your children. They need kids clubs that are appropriate for their height, strength and personal preference.

Junior golf clubs and equipment produced today tends to be lighter, more height appropriate, durable and easier to handle. Many pro shops will have a kids golf club size chart to match them with a club length they’re more comfortable with.

Another big factor in helping your kids develop an interest in a new sport or hobby is to let them decide what type of clubs or equipment they want to use. They don’t need a full golf set, but maybe 5 to 7 clubs instead. Choosing a smaller number of clubs will help teach them which ones they need to use regularly on the course. Outside of choosing a golf club set, other basic equipment like tees, golfballs, sleeves and more can all be picked out by your junior golfers, so they select a style that fits them.

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