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Kids and Golf: The Family Friendly Sport – Part Two

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Published on September 6th, 2021

Almost nothing is more satisfying to an avid golfer than getting to take your first swing of the day. For those that are parents however, what usually supersedes this joyful moment is getting to watch your kids participate and enjoy the sport you love.

Golfing as a family has so many benefits including quality time spent together outdoors, making lasting memories, enjoying a bit of exercise, and letting your kids learn the etiquette and rules of the sport.

Family Golf Outings In Darien, IL

While some parents have had years of experience perfecting their swing, aim and focus in the sport, it can be challenging to find a proper balance between teaching and hovering over your kids’ golf game. To help parents steady themselves, we’ve provided a list of tips on how to coach their junior golfers while letting them learn on their own as well.

  1. Lead By Example Then Let Them Try – Everyone has a different way of absorbing information. For some that means reading or simply listening to instructions. Others need to see an example and then try it for themselves.
    Parents should take their time by showing and explaining step-by-step instructions on how to set up a shot, grip a club and then swing away. It’s important to let your kids try it on their own afterward.
  2. Encourage Your Kids, Even During Mistakes – Even the best professional golfers had to learn how to properly swing a club before they could even aim for the putting green. If your junior golfer becomes frustrated with their golf game, remind them that they’ll start to see improvements with time, practice and patience. Lead by example as a parent, and don’t forget to praise them for their efforts.
  3. Teach Them To Appreciate Their Game and Respect The Game – Golf etiquette on the course is a big part of the game. While a strong shot down the fairway is thrilling and might cause your child to screech with joy, it’s important to remind them to keep their voice lower to allow other players to focus. The same can be said for more frustrating moments: let them know throwing golf clubs, hitting the green, and shouting after a bad hit is absolutely unacceptable.
  4. Tee Up During Off Hours To Avoid Imposter Syndrome – Visiting the course early on a Sunday morning might be great to beat the heat, but on the downside you’ll also be surrounded by seasoned golfers. Contact Carriage Greens ahead of time to see when might be the best time to bring your junior golfers to the course. With fewer parties around, your family can take their time getting through each hole and simply enjoy the game.
  5. Don’t Play Too Competitively – To prevent burnout and really allow kids to enjoy playing the course, it’s important to dial back your own golf game. It’s not fair nor is it fun to match up a brand new golfer to someone who has been playing for years. Gauge how much power you need to have behind your clubs after seeing how quickly your kids pick up the game. Remember again that you are there to have fun as a family.
  6. Keep The Game Short And Simple – The younger your kids are, the easier they will tire out and lose focus. Avoid playing the entire 18-hole golf course. Instead limit playtime to somewhere between 5 and 9 holes. This lets kids enjoy the game without tiring out too much and eagerly want to return for another game in the future.

Family Golf Outings In Darien, IL

At Carriage Greens Country Club, we offer plenty of afternoon and evening tee times so your family can enjoy playing the course at their own pace. With our course near Darien, Illinois open 365 days per year, you can come visit us anytime you’d like.

If your junior golfer is interested in improving their game, we also offer private lessons instructed by our PGA General Manager and Director of Golf, Lou Ramadani. For more information or to book lessons with Lou, please visit our website or call 630-985-3400 Ext. 301.

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