How Golf Lessons Can Improve Your Game

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Published on October 20th, 2020

Golf Tee Times in Chicago, IL

Are you thinking about tee times near Chicago, IL and wondering if golf lessons can improve your game? The answer from Lou Ramadani, PGA General Manager & Director of Golf at Carriage Greens, is a resounding “yes,” whatever your level of play.

Beginning Golfers

If you’re a beginner or thinking about taking up golf, you should definitely take lessons to avoid developing habits that will negatively affect your game. And the longer you continue these habits, the harder they are to break.

Take, for example, the grip. It’s probably the most important thing to have right but by far the hardest thing in golf to change. For beginning golfers, Lou will walk you through the fundamentals of the game, including the proper grip, along with correct posture and ball position. The vast majority of swing faults come from the basic setup, and it’s crucial to get everything right from the beginning.

Intermediate Golfers

Intermediate golfers with a handicap in the 11-18 range can also benefit from lessons. Often a lesson or two, and a few tweaks along the way, can make a huge difference in your game. It’s not at all uncommon for 15-handicap golfers to drop down to single digits after just a few lessons.

Advanced Golfers

Finally, for those who are playing between 0-4, we recommend a lesson or two every year. With golf, there is always something that could be improved. When working with Lou you can concentrate on refining that particular part of your game.

Contact Lou

No matter your level – beginner, intermediate or advanced – when thinking of tee times near Chicago, IL, also think of lessons from Lou and call him at 630-985-3400, ext. 301 or email him at

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