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How To Prepare For Golf Season, During Off-Season: Part 2

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Published on March 13th, 2022

When it comes to improving your golf game, your swing isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Your endurance, flexibility, and focus are just as important as mastering the power and following through behind a driver or iron.

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Our experts at Carriage Greens Country Club and Golf Course have gathered a few additional ways you can prepare for golf season:

  1. Yoga Classes – To perfect your swing and stance, you need to be flexible. Yoga classes throughout the off-season can help you maintain and improve your flexibility.
  2. Watch Tutorials Or Professional Golf Tournaments – Watching experts play the game can be a great way to improve. Pay close attention to the timing, stance, and swing of the pros, and mimic their movements from the comfort of your living room.
  3. Bundle Up And Walk The Course – We get it. It’s tempting to skip out on walking outdoors during a Chicago winter, but doing so will hurt your golf game in the early spring. Instead, dedicate just 20 minutes each day to walking outdoors to get some fresh air and exercise. If you’d instead not bundle up and venture out into the cold, then walking on a treadmill can also help you stay in shape as well.
  4. Invest In At-Home Golfing Equipment – From a weighted club to a state-of-the-art golf simulator, there is plenty of at-home equipment that can improve your golf game. You don’t have to break the bank by purchasing a variety of practice equipment. Instead, only purchase what you need to improve your game until golf season begins in the spring.
  5. Find A Club With A Golf Simulator Or Indoor Driving Range – Sometimes, you just need to break away from your home’s environment to focus. That’s when a country club with a golf simulator or an indoor driving range can become your perfect escape. Instead of investing in practice equipment for your home, you’ll just need to bring your clubs to a simulator or facility near you.

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Rain, snow, sleet or sunshine: Carriage Greens Country Club and Golf Course is open 365 days per year for golf. Not only do we have an exquisite, 18-hole course that you can play, but we also have golf simulators available inside our clubhouse.

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