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How to Tell if You’re Using the Right Golf Clubs

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Published on December 21st, 2020

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Our country club in Darien, IL sees many visitors looking to improve their game with private golf lessons. One of the first things our golf instructor, Lou Ramadini, will typically look for is whether or not a person is using the right golf equipment. Today, we’ll be talking through some tips that can help you assess your set of clubs at home.

The Perfect Golf Clubs Will…

  1. Align with your swing speed

  2. Maximize your distance

  3. Fit naturally in your grip

Shaft Length and Flexibility

The ‘shaft’ is the section of the golf club which connects the grip to the club head. Most clubs are made with graphite shafts. Your height will be the major determining factor in the length of the shaft you need on the golf course. It’s important to also identify your swing speed, as those with slower swing speeds may need a more flexible shaft when playing golf.

Selecting the Right Loft

Choosing the right loft can make or break the accuracy of your shots. A club’s ‘loft’ refers to the angle of the club face. It’s very difficult to control the ball when using a lower loft, which provides greater energy transfer at the cost of increased spin. A higher loft can make it easier to get a higher trajectory and straighter shot, making it a great choice for all skill levels.

Grip Length

Proper grip is often overlooked when putting together a complete set of clubs. As the only connection point between your hand and the club, it’s important to make sure that the grip is a length that works with your golf swing. Measuring your hands can help you identify the perfect grip length for you.

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