Keeping Your Golf Game Fresh in the Offseason

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Published on December 16th, 2019

Unfortunately, not many of us are able to hit the links during this time of the year– at least not in Chicago, that’s for sure. Between the cold weather, the holiday eating and drinking, and even some winter wedding receptions in Bucktown, it makes sense that many of us come back into the spring season with our golf game feeling a bit rusty. However, there are ways to keep your golf game fresh during the offseason!

Visit Our Virtual Links

Not only can we host the best wedding reception in Bucktown, but we can also help you keep your golf game fresh in the winter with our virtual links! Our new golf simulators are powered by E6 Golf and Flightscope, and our virtual course list includes over 100 world-class golf courses. For more information, visit our Golf webpage.

Work on Your Short Game Indoors

Let’s face it, while putting indoors doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, the vast majority of people could use some help with their short game! If you have a relatively flat carpet that rolls nicely, you can even use a cup as your target. Otherwise, there are some inexpensive products out there to improve your putting.

Keep Up with Your Fitness

Many golfers make the mistake of showing up for the spring season without having worked their upper bodies in months. To avoid unnecessary soreness and fatigue, keep up with your upper body strength throughout the winter. To find some golf-specific exercises, simply use the internet, talk to your trainer, or ask our Golf Pros.

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Aside from hosting elegant wedding receptions in Bucktown, we are here to help you improve your golf game. For more information about our golf services, including our Virtual Links, contact Lou Ramadani at 630-985-3400 Ext. 1 or email

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