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3 Benefits of a Fall Wedding

Published on September 20th, 2018

"At Carriage Greens Country Club, we’ve seen some of the best weddings in Garfield Ridge, many of them occurring during the fall. Planning a weddings for the fall as opposed to any other time of the year has its benefits. As the leaves begin to change and the weather cools off, sit back and imagine the possibility of planning a fall wedding! Here are three reasons that fall weddings are so popular. Cooler Weather If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, consider having one in the fall. Some of the best weddings in Garfield Ridge happen when the weather is around 70 degrees. This way, your guests aren't outside at your ceremony sweating and miserably hot while you say,… Read More

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Published on August 17th, 2018

"Having an outdoor wedding in Garfield Ridge can be risky, but the reward is big. If executed the right way, outdoor weddings can be unique, romantic and stunning. However, in order for your outdoor wedding to be successful, there are some planning tips that you should keep in mind to avoid disappointment. If you want to plan an outdoor wedding, keep these things in mind. -Have a backup plan. First and foremost, it is important that you have a backup plan in case the weather forecast for your wedding date includes rain or other unpleasant conditions. Whether you have a tent ready to set up in case it starts raining or you opt to have your ceremony inside instead, you… Read More

Golf Etiquette for Beginners

Published on July 8th, 2018

"If you didn’t grow up playing golf, the etiquette rules may be foreign to you. The reality is, from setting up a golf tee time in Chicago to the second you sink your last putt, there are certain rules that golfers follow to ensure they are respectful of other golfers. To get you started, here are some overarching rules that you should follow the next time you’re hitting the links. Before the Round Starts Make sure you arrive at Carriage Greens early enough that you can warm up without interfering with other people’s golf tee times in Chicago. It is a good idea to begin with short irons, then mid-irons, long-irons and then woods. Don’t exert yourself too much during… Read More

Common Things Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day

Published on June 19th, 2018

"Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated days of your entire life. Once you’ve completed all of the planning, all there’s left to do is enjoy your big day. In the heat of the moment, there are many things that brides forget to consider. At Carriage Greens Country Club, we orchestrate some of the best weddings in Chicago, and through our experience, we’ve learned many things brides forget on their special day. Keep these things in mind to ensure you get the wedding you’ve always wanted! Don’t Forget to Eat! During the day, despite nerves, try to eat a little something, even if it means coordinating with a friend or family member that will go out and grab… Read More

Why Host a Golf Outing for Your Organization?

Published on June 19th, 2018

"Carriage Greens Country Club is dedicated to hosting some of the best golf outings in the Chicago suburbs. From beautiful scenery to our golfer-friendly 18-hole golf course, we want to host your next golf outing! If you’re deciding whether or not a golf outing in the Chicago suburbs is the right outing for your organization, here are some reasons it may be beneficial. Earn Money for Your Organization Annual golf outings are a great way to make a significant amount of money for your non-profit organization or charity. Reaching out to different corporate sponsorships is a great way to get the community involved in your cause. Raffles, auctions and general donations are also a great way to increase the bottom… Read More

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