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How to Improve on Your Golfing Skills

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Published on April 25th, 2021

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Keep Your Head Down and Use Your Torso

A common rookie mistake is looking up too early to follow the ball down the fairway with your eyes. Focus on completing your follow-through and your swing before looking up to see where the ball heads, or else all your alignments and visual calculations will go to waste. Keep your eyes down and focus on the swing before moving your head anywhere else. Also, make sure to always use your torso when swinging, not just your arms. Rotate your shoulder all the way around to your other foot to generate enough momentum, and have the power of the swing come from your torso. Having that strong rotation will give your ball the extra oomph to make that shot.

Conserve Energy

While golf may seem like a low energy sport, it can surprisingly take a lot out of you. In fact, research has shown that a golfer walks about 6.5 miles during a round, which equates to a lot of calories burnt and energy used. For this reason you should make sure to fuel up beforehand and stay hydrated throughout. Visit our on-site restaurant, Sandtrap Bar and Grill, to fuel up on a nutritious meal before your game. If extreme fatigue or hunger set in, your performance will likely be impacted.

Utilize Technology

Just like with anything else, there’s tons of technology these days that can help you brush up on your golf game. There are apps that help you analyze your stats and track your improvement, one of which being Golfshot. With this app, a player can keep digital scorecards, send invites to their friends and receive helpful statistics and insights. Do some research on what apps have features that you think would benefit your game personally.

Take a Lesson

Taking a lesson from a trained golf professional is always a great way to improve on your skills and learn new techniques that you never even knew of before. Lou Ramadani, our Director of Golf, has over a decade of experience in being both an instructor and golf professional. Regardless of your age or ability level, taking advantage of a class can greatly improve your skills. And you’ll have fun with it too!

Visit Carriage Greens Today

Don’t wait to get on the course and schedule your Carriage Greens Tee Times! We’d love to have you golfing at Carriage Greens Country Club. With cart paths, expanded tee and green areas, and terrain enhancements, you’ll have a quality golfing experience. We even offer a complimentary round of golf and food tasting before you book any paid dates. The best way to get better at golfing, after all, is to get on the course and start swinging! We look forward to hearing from you.

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