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The Late-Winter Golf Guide Part 1: Practicing Your Swing

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Published on March 9th, 2022

‘Tis the season for snow, ice and frigid temperatures across the Chicagoland area. Practicing warm weather sports like tennis, soccer and golf, become more difficult to do this time of year, unless you have access to an indoor facility.

Instead of playing winter golf in the cold rain, snow, or ice there are plenty of ways you can practice your swing and posture without ever stepping outside.

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To prepare yourself for off-season practice at home, you’ll need to locate your golf clubs, a few household items, and a space where you’ll have plenty of room to swing a club around. If you don’t have a quiet nor spacious room to practice in, we suggest making a space in your garage or basement. Once you’ve located a space in your home, we suggest you follow one or more of the tips from our off-season golf guide listed below:

  1. Work On Your Posture And Stance – Pick a room with a full length mirror, so that you’re able to view your stance and swing in motion. According to an article by Golf Digest from 2018, the correct golf posture should look something like this: your feet being placed shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward, shoulders back, chin and chest up, tailbone back and your hips and knees bent.

When a golf swing is done correctly, the weight of your body should be centered over the center of your feet. Being able to view your stance in the mirror will give you a better idea on how to improve it.

  1. Improve Your Balance – Your average bath towel can be a great tool to indicate how balanced your golf stance and swing are. First, roll the towel up and place it under the center of each foot. Next, you’ll place your feet shoulder-width apart and take a few swings.

Eventually you will be able to tell if your center of gravity falls forward, backward or stays centered on the towel. If you feel yourself falling forward or backward during a swing, you can adjust the towel underneath the heels or toes to improve your balance.

  1. Strengthen And Maintain Different Muscle Groups – Speed, power and control are three of the most important characteristics of every golfer’s swing. It’s important for the muscle groups that control this swing to be maintained or continuously grow during the off-season.

To ensure that happens, we’ve gathered a few exercises that you can practice at home: side planks, weighted lunges, squats with a ball placed between your knees, and single leg deadlifts. If you don’t have gym weights readily available at home, you can use books, laundry detergent bottles or another weighted object of your choice.

  1. Dedicate Time To Chipping – This area of the game is one that golfers tend to struggle with the most. To successfully practice chipping, you’ll need to have a target that you can aim for.

You can invest in a chipping net, but other household objects like a scrunched-up bath towel, laundry basket or a bucket can also be used for these short, focused shots. To prevent damage to your rug, floors or clubs, we also recommend laying down a folded hand towel or exercise mat before you start practicing.

  1. Don’t Practice The Same Swing Every Day – Every golfer has one type of swing they’ve mastered above others. At first, it might seem like a good idea to focus on improving just one type of swing every day until golf season begins.

While practicing one swing on a daily basis will improve it, it will also set back the muscle memory you’ve developed for other types of swings. Instead, we recommend rotating the type of swing you wish to practice each day. One example of this schedule includes practicing with your driver on Mondays, your putter on Tuesdays and your nine iron on Wednesdays. This practice schedule will build major muscle memory for each club and is sure to impress your friends and family when the 2022 golf season begins.

The Best Place For Golf Outings In Chicago, Il Suburbs

While practicing your golf game at home is convenient, it can also be difficult to do when you have limited space or distractions that keep you from focusing. If you’re looking for a place to work on it in peace, then look no further than Carriage Greens Country Club and Golf Course in Darien, Illinois.

Our clubhouse as well as our beautiful championship-level golf course are open 365 days a year. That includes our Virtual Links golf simulator, which allows you to play in a more comfortable environment during the winter months. Instead of bundling up with hand warmers and playing out in the cold, you’ll be able to stay warm and enjoy several rounds of golf from one spot.

Carriage Greens Country Club and Golf Course offers numerous tee times for Chicago, Il visitors and residents. Book your tee time now by visiting our website or calling us at 630-985-3400.

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