Top 4 Benefits of Seeing Live Music

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Published on September 22nd, 2020

Live Music at Our On-Course Restaurant

At Carriage Greens, home to the Sandtrap Grill, we often host musical acts as a way to liven up evenings at our on-course restaurant. Most people would agree that seeing live music is fun, but did you know that experiencing live music can make us happier and healthier? Here are some of the unexpected benefits to seeing a live show.

  • Reduce your stress. The positive effects of music on individuals’ stress levels is very well documented. Listening to live music is a great way to rock off the problems of the week and blow off some steam. Of course, it helps if you’re listening to music you enjoy!
  • Burn calories the fun way. Great music will get you tapping your foot, swaying, and dancing. While it may not seem like intense exercise, and you might not even notice you’re doing it—every shimmy and shake counts.
  • Boost your immune system. Certain scientific studies have shown connections between listening to music and improved immune system functioning. Listening to music won’t be as effective as a flu shot, but it certainly can’t hurt!
  • Connect with yourself and others. Live music has the ability to evoke memories and feelings. Enjoying a musical performance with friends and family can help encourage bonding and further good times worth remembering.

Visit the Best Bar and Grill near Lemont, IL

We’re proud to offer locals and those just passing through a comfortable and fun atmosphere to shake a leg after a long day or golf outing. When it comes to the Sandtrap Grill, as well as booking private banquet events, we’re continuing to adhere to local social distancing guidelines including limiting gatherings to 50 or fewer people. What are you waiting for? Stop by and visit us at the best bar and grill near Lemont, Il today.

Planning a Safe, Socially-Distanced Wedding?

We understand these are strange times. Luckily, our team not only provides a fun atmosphere with live entertainment, but we are here to help you tie the knot safely. Our gorgeous wedding venue features rooms of varying sizes, accommodating parties of any size, up to 50 plus! Contact our Banquet Director at (630) 985-3400 ext. 306 for more details or to schedule a tour.

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