Wedding Details that Make All of the Difference

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Published on October 11th, 2018

They say love is in the details, and this is especially true when it comes to throwing a wedding. While yes, it is important to think about major aspects of a wedding such as the venue, the guest list and the food, but some of the best weddings in Garfield Ridge also have well-thought-out details that have an everlasting impact on guests. Keep these details in mind if you’re trying to plan a stellar weddings!

Signage is Everything

If your ceremony and reception take place in different areas, having signage to direct your guests in the right direction is very helpful. Plus, this will help make sure that they are on time for all parts of your big day! Keep in mind that your guests likely have not been to your venue before, so you’ll want to point them in the right direction with cute, decorative signs.

Include a Guest Book

A guest book is a great way to mark what guests were there and it is something fun to read back on years later. However, standard guest books aren’t exactly enticing to sign. Try to set up a creative way for guests to sign their good wishes, such as a giant game of Jenga and have one person/couple sign each block to add to the tower.

Take the Kids into Consideration

If children will be attending your wedding, make sure you take them into consideration during both the ceremony and the reception. Have ushers hand out crayons and coloring books to the kids during the reception and make sure there are kid-friendly options for food as well!

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