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Do you charge for sales tax and gratuity / service charge?

No , we are very proud of our ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING! What you see is what you pay per person. No extra fees for your meal , bar package, linens, tables & chairs.

When is Off Season?

November, December (Except New Yeear’s Eve), January, February and March. April and May on a case by case basis, qualify for some type of discount.

Why is your open bar package “The Best”?
Three Reasons

  1. Your choice of 3 bottled beers (2 domestic and 1 import)
  2. Great liqour selection (see package for details)
  3. Our bar DOES NOT SHUT DOWN during dinner!!!

How can we be certain the food at carriage greens is excellent?

Easy! Book yourself for a tour and complimentary chefs tasting.

Can we take photos on the golf course?

Of Course! At our final meeting ( 2 weeks prior to your event), we can set-up a time and place to have golf carts for you and your bridal party/photographer to use. You will be escorted to 3 professionally chosen locations for outdoor photoshoots. We highly recommend using one of our preferred photo vendors.

Can we offer our guests a choice of meals

Yes! You can pick up to 2 entrees. The best part…unlike most venues, we charge you based of the number of each meal you choose. We do not up-charge you lesser priced entree.

Can your chef prepare vegan, gluten free, vegetarian meals?
Of course! If you booked with us after 5/1/18, the price for these meals is a flat fee of $75.00
per person.

Are Hors d’Oeuvres included?
Not technically… But we DO include two, light finger food appetizers per guest in our package.
These appetizers are chef’s choice and are served to your guests Butler Style upon entry to
your room during cocktail hour. Formal hors d’’Oeuvres are available at an additional cost.

Is a Wedding Cake included?
Sorry, but no. We have found in our experience that Wedding Cakes, especially cake toppers,
vary too much in price to include in our package. We are perfectly happy to provide a skirted
cake table for you to use for a cake brought in from any commercial bakery of your choice.
Things do change in this business. When we find a bakery up to our standards, you will be the
first to know!

Is there a cake cutting fee?
No. We will be happy to cut you cake for your guests and display the slices on a cake table /
sweets table for you at no charge. If you would like your cake served to you guests as a
course, we charge $3.00 per person.

What is Maitre ‘D Service?
You will be assigned one of our Special Event Managers to oversee the timeline and execution
of your food and beverage service. Special Event Managers will only be assigned to one party
per day, as to assure complete attention to your wedding.

What types of linens are INCLUDED in the package?
We offer White, Ivory or Black for table clothes, and 24 beautiful napkin colors to choose from –
at no charge to you! These choices are available for you to look at on our website under the
Floor Plan Link.


What is the “Wedding Exclusivity Package?”
All eyes on you! You can be the ONLY wedding we book for one day. Included in this package
is 11am access to The Gazebo, East West Room, The Grand Ballroom and both Bridal Suites!
The possibilities are endlessly customizable with this package. Outdoor ceremony (a $950.00
value on its own), cocktail hour in the East West, then on the The Grand Ballroom for dinner
and dancing.

How much is the “Wedding Exclusivity Package?”
$1,500.00 with a Guaranteed Adult Minimum of 220. If you have a smaller guest list than 220,
but still want the Exclusivity Package; let’s talk about it!


Is our date available?
Let’s check! Simply email events@carriagegreens.com with your preferred date and a back-up,
along with your estimated guest count.

How far in advance can we book our wedding?
Generally, up to 18 months in advance. Special exceptions can be made. The pricing for your
event is LOCKED IN for you at the time of signing – no surprises!

Is there a minimum dollar amount we need to spend?
No. We made agreements on a case by case basis with our clients to guarantee an adult
minimum guest count.

How do we secure our date?
By signing a contract with an adult minimum guest count, choosing a date and a room, and
putting down a $2,000 deposit (credit card, check or cash).

Are payments required to be made after the initial deposit?
Yes. A payment schedule is customized for you at booking. As a rule of thumb, we usually
request three to four $2,000 payments before your final payment. This, of course, depends on
the total value of your event.

When is our final payment due?
Two weeks prior to your event. By this time, we can create a final bill for you based on your
final guest count.

What type of payments do you accept?
We happily accept Credit Cards (so, get those miles!), Cash and Personal Checks for every
payment except the final. Final payments can be made in Cash or Personal Check.

What is your cancellation policy?
In this unfortunate event, Carriage Greens reserves the right to keep all deposits made.

Can we change our date once we’ve signed a contract?
Yes, but once again, all deposits made will be forfeited towards new date.


What is the cost to have our Ceremony at Carriage Greens?
Effective May 1, 2018: $950 for all ceremonies; either outside at our Gazebo, inside a separate
banquet room from your reception, or inside the same room as your reception. This does not
apply for Weddings booked prior to 5/1/18.

How long can we book The Gazebo for?
45 minutes. Gazebo time is reserved on a “First come, first served” basis. And… It books
FAST! All the more reason to get yourself in for Tour / Chef’s Tasting ASAP!

What if it rains or is too cold for our Outdoor Gazebo Ceremony?
Carriage Greens requests the right to contact you at 10am the day of your ceremony (if you
have reserved our Gazebo). At that time, it is your choice whether or not to proceed with an
outdoor ceremony or not. If you choose not to hold your ceremony outdoors, we will be happy
to relocate you ceremony to an indoor banquet room, if available. If we do not have a open
banquet room available, we will adjust your Reception room floor plan to accommodate a
ceremony. The best ‘insurance’ for an indoor back-up ceremony is to purchase the
Exclusivity Package.

How many chairs are included in the Gazebo rental?
We provide up to 100 white chairs. Additional chairs may be rented through Carriage Greens
for $4 per chair.

Can we decorate the Gazebo?
If you purchase the Exclusivity Package, YES. All other cases will be dealt with on a case by
case basis. Everyone who rents our Gazebo is most certainly allowed to purchase (on their
own) a runner for the aisle.

How do we schedule a rehearsal for our ceremony?
At our final meeting, two weeks prior to your event, we will be happy to schedule you a
rehearsal time.

Is there outdoor electricity for music or microphone?
Yes, we have multiple electric outlets conveniently located. Your DJ or Band should assist your
with sound and amplification.


When are we allowed to start decorating our Reception room?
Our building opens at 11am everyday…but we may be able to do better than that! At our final
meeting (2 weeks prior to your event), if no function is being held in your Reception room the
day before your event, you are more than welcome to decorate your room the day before your

What time can our vendors arrive?
As early as 11am. We will be happy to direct them to your room.

What time can we have access to the Bridal Suites?
11am. If you need earlier access, we can arrange for this at a charge of $95 per hour.

Can we bring in outside food or beverages while getting ready in the Bridal Room?
Unfortunately, due to Illinois State Liquor Laws and Health Codes, we cannot allow this.
Beverage and snack/lunch service can be provided by Carriage Greens.

Can Carriage Greens host our Rehearsal Party?
Absolutely! Our Sandtrap Grille is a perfect spot for that. Ask us about a discounted price!


Does Carriage Greens have a Preferred Vendor List?
Yes, we do. We have been in business since 1980, and have seen the best of the best, as well
as the… the underwhelming. The vendors on our list have earned the right to be on it! Also,
the vendors on our list want to stay on it. Always mention you are booked with Carriage
Greens for the best rate these vendors offer.

What type of Vendors are on the Carriage Greens list?
Hotels with Shuttle Service (2x), Bakeries (2x), Florists (1x), Make-Up/Hair (1x),
Up-Lighting/Lighted Dance Floors (1x), Group Boot Camp/Personal Training (1x),
Photography (2x)

How do we get the Carriage Greens Preferred Vendor List?
We email you our list at your contract signing. We will be happy to introduce you to any of the
vendors on our list.

Do we need to use the vendors Carriage Greens recommends?
No, you are free to use any licensed vendors you’d like.

What time can our vendors arrive for set-up?
As early as 11am. Special requests for earlier times may be possible.


What types of linens are INCLUDED in the package?
We offer White, Ivory or Black for table clothes, and 24 beautiful napkin colors to choose from –
at no charge to you! These choices are available for you to look at on our website under the
Floor Plan Link.

Why can’t we rent upgraded linens, chair covers, etc. through Carriage Greens?
At this time (May of 2018), we are not happy with the service of high end linen companies we
have seen in the past 12 months. Many of the specialty linen companies our customers have
used in the past have either gone out of business or merged with other companies, resulting
sometimes, in dissatisfaction.

Please, don’t be discouraged! There are some fine companies out there. At this time, Carriage
Greens does not feel secure enough to lend our recommendation to any specialty linen

You are absolutely free and encouraged to use any licensed specialty linen company you feel
comfortable with.

Can we use an outside vendor for Chiavari Chairs?
Yes, you can. We do charge a $350 fee for relocating all of our wooden chairs out of the
reception room.


Are there nearby hotels with shuttle service Carriage Greens recommends?
Yes! We have wonderful relationships with the two finest (and closest) hotels in the western
suburbs. We send business to these hotels almost every weekend of the year. They both
provide extremely reliable shuttle service. And, if you book your reception with Carriage
Greens, we can promise you the room rates will be unbeatable! The contact info for the sales
representatives at these hotels will be provided to you upon contract signing.


Is your building / bathrooms / Gazebo / parking lot handicap accessible?
Yes, yes, yes & yes. Our parking lot is plentiful with handicap spots, bathrooms are up to code,
and a wheelchair ramp in the lobby grants access to our upstairs banquet rooms.

Can we take photos on the golf course?
Of course! At our final meeting (2 weeks prior to your event), we can set-up a time and place
to have golf carts for you and your bridal party/photographer to use. You will be escorted to 3
professionally chosen locations for outdoor photoshoots. We highly recommend using one of
our Preferred Photo Vendors.

Is there ample parking, and is parking free?
Yes and Yes. We have free, convenient parking for just under 600 cars. We also have a
covered circle drive for easy drop off and pick-up.

Do you offer Valet parking?
No, we do not. Upon request, we can quote you a cost for that service.

Is there ample restroom facilities?
Yes. We have four oversized public restrooms, two men’s & two woman’s.

Is there a staffed coat check?
Yes, when weather dictates.

Any questions? Contact Us Today!